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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could move past the problems you’re having in your marriage in 3 weeks rather than sitting in a stuffy therapist’s office once a week for 3 years?

My name is James Evans and I’m here to tell you that this IS possible.

By the time you are finished reading this webpage I will reveal to you why those that have the resources and commitment to make their marriage better have access to better forms of counseling that can radically shorten the amount of time necessary for change to happen.

This may not seem fair but you’ll understand why it is this way in a few moments 

First let me tell you a little about myself and why I am qualified for this type of counseling. You can read my whole story on this site but for now I just want to go over the parts that are relevant to you.

You see, your average run-of-the-mill therapist is someone who gets out of school maybe with a masters—if they are really ambitious—a .PhD. The next step for them is to find a job, usually at some type of counseling center. Then they begin to using the models they were taught in school.

Since most insurance companies will only pay for 50 minutes a week, once a week—and most people rely on insurance to pay for any type of counseling—the model that is taught is the 50 hour a week model.

What if I told you there are better, more effective, proven ways to create the change that is necessary in your life and marriage?

I know what you’re thinking: “If there are better, more effective ways—why aren’t more people doing them. Or know about them?”

You’ll understand right after I tell you how I know about them.

In the 1970’s and 80’s I traveled around the country giving lectures for the DEA. It was during this time that a turning point in my career happened. I was asked if I would counsel DEA agents just coming out from being undercover.

Naturally I agreed. But there were some major hurdles that I had to overcome in order to do this effectively

The first was: where are we going to meet?

Then how am I going to do this quickly so that I can still run my clinics and give lectures?

I turned to a little know but well researched and documented technique called Adventure Based Counseling

The reason it is not well known is because it’s not used that often. This is because it’s expensive. But in my situation the United States Government was footing the bill so I was able to easily implement this model without money being an issue.

What I found is that the Adventure Based model is incredibly effective.

You can read my whole story here and you’ll discover how I spent the latter part of my career implementing this model for rich and powerful people.

This brings me right back to you and how I can help you move past your marital problems in the quickest most efficient manner possible.

If you have the resources and the desire then you are a perfect candidate for my marital retreat program

This is not like in the movies where many couples will be together in some resort. When you sign up this program it’s only you and your spouse that go on the trip. 100% of the time spent is focused on you and getting the both of you back into a loving relationship.

I already know the next big question on your mind. How can this be? How can an “adventure” help me and my spouse with the problems we are having?

I’m more than happy to tell you. Rather than use psychobabble and try and explain the intricacies of how the mind works and why this approach is so effective—I’ll give you an analogy that will put it all into perspective.

Imaging for a moment that you’re trying to learn to speak Spanish

One way to go about this would be to go down to your local community college and sign up for a Spanish course. You would meet for a couple of hours probably once or twice a week. How long do you think you would have to take these courses before you have a good grasp of the language? How long before you become fluent?

Many people study Spanish this way for years and never learn to truly speak the language. Studying Spanish this way is just like going to counseling for 50 minutes a week once a week. Not surprisingly the results are about the same. People go for years and most never really get any better.

How much quicker do you think you would learn to speak Spanish if you went to Mexico to study the language? By immersing yourself in the culture you would pick up on the language much quicker and probably become fluent in conversational Spanish in a much shorter period of time than the first example. This would be like the intensive outpatient approach to counseling.

Now, how long do you think it would take you to learn to speak Spanish if you were dropped somewhere in Mexico where nobody speaks English and you have little money? You would pick up on the language real quick in this situation.

The last example is exactly why the Adventure based counseling model so effective

When I take you away from familiar surroundings and take you out of your comfort zone—your body and mind are forced to adapt. Psychologically you have no choice. You brain automatically rewires itself to learn to cope and deal with difficult situations differently. This is a positive, permanent effect that will be with you for the rest of your life.

I’ll restate the question I asked you in the beginning of this page. Would you rather have positive, permanent lasting change that will enrich your life forever in 3 weeks on the beaches of Jamaica—or would you rather spend the next 3 years talking to a therapist in his/her office once a week all the while having to deal with your difficult situation at home?

The choice is yours.

But this approach is not for everyone.

First you must have the financial resources to make it happen.

Then you need to give me a call so we can chat about your current situation and if a marriage retreat is even right for your situation. You will learn more about how the program works and what to expect with this type of counseling.

Here is my number: (248) 625-5533

Call me today to discover how to get your marriage back on track so you can start being happy again.

Very Truly Yours,


James Evans

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