Therapist in Clarkston MI

Hello my name is James Evans and I have been a practicing therapist in Clarkston MI for more than 30 years.

In that period of time I have focused specifically on four areas of practice.

Marriage Counseling

Addiction Counseling

PTSD Counseling

Family Counseling

Many of these are intimately involved with others. For example addiction is often a side effect of PTSD that can have a negative effect on a marriage.

Whatever issues you’re going through in your life right now are probably not this intertwined.

But, it’s important for you to know that that over the years I have become a specialist in helping people in these areas.

I don’t follow the traditional model of therapy that I call the “50 minute hour”. (Actually I think you only get 45 minutes per session now).

My approaches are not radical or unorthodox. I have simply stepped outside the model a little because I get better faster results by doing so.

Let’s face it, you want to get over your problems as quickly as you can so you can get back to living a happy well-adjusted life—not sit in some stuffy therapists office once a week for 3 years.

Please explore my site and discover for yourself how my approach to therapy will help you move on with your life and make you a happier person in a shorter period of time.

Marriage Counseling Clarkston MI

Addiction Counseling Clarkston MI

PTSD Counseling Clarkston MI

Family Counseling Clarkston MI

You can also request more information by filling out the form below or you can give me a call at:

(248) 625-5577

Therapist Clarkston MI